Our company covers aspects of fundamental and applied research. We have strong expertise in electrochemistry and focus our interest on related projects such as surface catalysis and medicinal electrochemistry. We also developed our expertise in terms of efficiently synthesising commercially valuable molecules at low cost. Moreover, we concentrate on finding cheaply available hydrogen storage materials, and here, we work on various metal hydride systems to determine and compare key issues such as loading capacity and kinetics. Investigating the metal hydride system, mainly using a broad range of electrochemical tools, directed us to the extensive study of palladium commonly used as catalyst in many fields.

We have been strongly interested in the topic of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and acquired huge knowledge and expertise that together with that we have already accumulated in electrochemistry and catalysis enable us to train and teach academics in specialised fields that are highly relevant in terms of New Energy Technology sources.

Our company, from the first beginning when it was found, always has shown interest in promoting, organising and sponsoring seminars and symposiums on international stage to let academics at Universities and industries benefit from our specialised experience and the of our colleagues abroad with whom we work closely together. In this way, we have been organising the New Energy Technology symposium at the American Chemical Society as well as seminars and work shops in Berlin – Adlershof, and we have also frequently given lectures at Universities and research institutes worldwide.

With all this, we follow the main goal, to co operate on specific issues with academics worldwide and to also get students attracted to the topics we have been involved, on the one hand, to train and select highly skilful educated and enthusiastic researchers and on the other hand, to provide a platform for our research, specifically to address the topic of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions that we want to develop on large scale to become a widely accepted and highly recognised research topic in which to be involved is of academic, environmental and commercial interest.

We frequently offer seminars in Berlin Adlershof and would like to invite everyone who is interested in getting more information about what we are doing and where we want to go.